British Embassy

Dear Queen’s Birthday Party Guest,

Upon the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 96th Birthday, and Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service, you have an opportunity to help the Estonian Food Bank make their Food Baskets more balanced. This will allow for families in need to prepare warm meals for themselves. Currently Estonian Food Bank is also providing for Ukrainian war refugees.

Estonian Food Bank is a charitable organization that consists of 15 Food Banks whose mission is to gather edible food that otherwise would have been destroyed from the retail and food industry. We then distribute this food to people in need. 

What kind of food may be donated?

  • canned fish and meat
  • canned soups and other canned items
  • cooking oil, juice
  • jam
  • pasta
  • grains and cereals
  • sugar, candy, honey
  • nuts and dried fruit.

How else could you assist the Estonian Food Bank to help society?

As part of our infrastructure, we use all sorts of traditional elements of food logistics year around. We are inneed to increase our working capacity because at the moment we are only able to rescue about 10% surplus from our retail partners. We are convinced that this can be increased up to 30-40%, but only with the parallel development of our physical capabilities.

We would like to find new friends from different fields to join our current group of friends. Let’s call it “a circle of kindness”. We believe that if everyone would chip in a little from their field of business, or personal hours, the value would be mutually beneficial. We are looking for support in categories such as fuels, minivans, cooling vans, walk-in-fridges, deep freezers, quick freezers, ICT solutions, marketing and communication, team trainings, lawyers, foundations, scientists, environmentalists, psychologists and your connections globally that might support such activities. If you wish to help, but you don’t know how yet, please come and say Hi! to one of our representatives in red Estonian Food Bank shirts at the reception. Once we get to know you, we will be able to find the exact way for you to contribute.

We are grateful and honoured that Ambassador, Mr Ross Allen, and the kind team at the British embassy are leading by example in joining our circle of kindness. You are also warmly welcome to join us.

We are looking forward to meet and talk to you soon at the celebration!

Thank You for caring and for helping the Estonian Food Bank so we may help others.