How to donate food?

Fight against food waste and at the same time share food with people who are poor, is an important aim of all Food Banks.

The reasons companies donate food to the Food Bank, are:

  • excess production in the food-processing sector
  • that food is non-marketable (e.g. too close to the expiry date or the packing is damaged), but it is nevertheless 100% consumable
  • surplus food at wholesalers and restaurants or catering chains
  • producers or wholesalers want to support a good cause and donate food they have in store or produce something extra for the Food Bank.

Also private people can donate food. In some countries it is a tradition that for special events or birthdays, people do not want to receive presents for themselves but ask the guests to give money or food parcels which are later donated to the Food Bank.

The more food the Food Bank receives, the more it can help deprived people. Please, contact the people in your region, if you want to contribute to the Food Bank in Tallinn. 

The team of the Food Bank ensures that it commits itself:

  • To never sell the received food and to avoid any action that could damage the reputation of the food supplier;
  • To give the food exclusively to charity and social organizations, which in turn will only make it available to deprived people;
  • To transport and store the food in good conditions.