Join us for the spring food drive in supermarkets on April 12th and 13th!

Twice a year the food banks in Estonia hold food drives. This year the spring food drive will be held in 45 supermarkets across Estonia, of which 10 are in Tallinn.

During the food drive people in supermarkets are invited to donate food to the local food bank. The donated food will be transported to the food bank and given free of charge to people in need during weekly food aid. We work closely with social workers and other charity organizations to identify the people who most need our help.

The Estonian Food Bank was established in 2010 to help prevent food waste and fight poverty. We work every day to rescue food from supermarkets, food producers and importers. Food drive is a way for us to involve the local community in order to help the people who need help the most. During the food drive we collect only food with long expiry dates.



In each shop there are  up to 10 food bank volunteers per shift. Both days we have 2 shifts (3-4 hours), starting at 13:00 & 16.00 (Friday) and 12:00 & 15.30 (Saturday). We encourage volunteers to participate in teams. You can put together your own team with your friends, colleagues or family. Some knowledge of Estonian is required, ideally, we would have mixed groups of non-Estonian and Estonian speaking people.

What do volunteers do at the food drive?
* Hand out flyers to people in the food shop (this part requires knowledge of Estonian)
* Collect food donations from people
* Prepare the food products for transportation

To participate as a volunteer please sign up through our registration form (in Estonian)

For assistance and in case of questions, please contact Marie at the Tallinn Food Bank claudia at toidupank dot ee +372 5657 0525.